So forgive me if you already know this...


Vanilla ice cream, with ribbons of fudge and chunks of peanutbutter cups??? HELLO!!!

If you are in any way hoping to avoid a binge, do not bring this "crack in a carton" into your home. I am not a huge sweets eater. I love chocolate, don't get me wrong... but it was always the more substantial breads and pastas that got me when trying to control my carbohydrate intake... but this ice cream is truly deadly for me.

Had a good monday... tho I learned that Monday at 11am is NOT a good time to go to the post-office. It will not happen again. I saw the line out the door and realized there was no way I could possibly stand in line for half an hour without this belly dragging me down to the ground so I turned around and left. Went for a nice walk in the park instead... which also ended up making my belly ache (muscles along the top of the belly that attach at the rib cage are getting pretty worn out these days) as well, but not like standing in a line would have... plus I was moving, and feeling good and it was SUNNY!!!

HOLY CRAP has the sun the last couple of days been nice. On Sunday I kicked the boys outside for 3 or 4 hours... they rode bikes, scooters, played with the neighbor (I live on a dead end street and know all the neighbors and everyone looks out for all of the which is GREAT!) When they came in they were EXHAUSTED and RAVENOUS. I had chopped up 4 bell peppers (red, yellow and orange) for snacks for the week and they sat down and ate them ALL, plus their dinner. And then they went out and played some more while the first half of the game was on.

Disapointing game that was... poor calls... inability of the O to complete a drive... etc. But I do have to say I'm glad I saw the Hawks make their first SB appearance.

Not a lot going on here... oh yeah... except that I have to take that damned Glucose Challenge Test next Friday and I am SO not looking forward to it. At least they gave me the drink ahead of time so I can drink it at home before the appointment and they'll just draw my blood an hour later at the clinic. Gotta love a clinic where all of the nurses are Expert Phlebotimists. If I had to go sit in some lab waiting room for an hour I'd probably cry.

I'm not at all worried about gestational diabetes. I have no risk factors and I know how my body has been processing sugar up to now, but that doesn't make the test any more pallateable. Oh well, wish me luck just getting the Glucola down my throat next Friday.