Like I said...

I am not dead... I am still well knocked up... and somehow two entire weeks have gotten away from me.

I am so pregnant now, and showing no signs of any trouble at this point. Weight gain is good, BP is steady at 100/60, passed the glucose tollerance test just fine and am having no inordinant contractions at this point.

I did, however, have an incredibly busy couple of weeks. Dr. appointments which included some 4-d pictures (surface representations) of the boys (COOL!), kid activities, chasing papers for disability benefits which I should be hearing about any freakin' day now.

and lots and lots and lots of other random crap. And now, here it is, nearly Friday again, and I still haven't had a moment to sit and just be!

well... that's not etirely true because today there was a LOT of sitting. You see last night I got to contend with another lovely stomach bug. And while vomiting and diareah aren't the most sexy topics to write about they were my reality and I got about zero sleep before the world woke up this morning. Luckily things have improved significantly as the day has worn on, and the babies have been VERY active, almost as if to reassure me that they're no worse for the wear.

Allrightey, I must get to sleep now that I've posted... take care all!